Field Campaigns

The measurement campaigns represent a significant moment in the activities of ERMES project and form an integral part of the research path. They engage researchers and scientists to collect information that can provide useful information to calibrate, test and validate the methods developed in the project. ERMES field campaigns are conducted in the 3 selected study areas.

Spanish field activities 2015
The 2015 Spanish field measurements were collected from early June and to early August covering the rice season up to the flowering stage. Measuring dates were selected in order to match, as far as possible, ground measurements with satellite (Landsat 8) acquisition dates. Up to 40 rice fields were monitored within the Municipality of Sueca (South València). ... Read more
Italian field activities 2015
The 2015 Italian field data were collected from the very beginning of the rice season to the flowering period of rice, from May until the first days of August. The 19 monitored fields belong to tree Lomellina farmers (see the map below)... Read more
Greek field activities 2014
The 2014 experimentation in Greece was comprised by three groups of field experiments covering a total area of more than 62 ha. The three groups were: 1) 5 big scale parcels (>1ha) inside the Kalochori station 2) 11 small scale parcels (1/2 of an acre area), with several stresses induced (low plant density, weed infestation, rice blast, low N input ect) and 3) 24 plots of 11 m2 with several N fertilization levels in order to study the rate of N fertilization update in rice. ... Read more
Italian field activities 2014
The italian field data were collected almost weekly from the beginning of June 2014 till the end of September 2014, covering the entire rice season. These data and information are of fundamental importance because they will be compared with ERMES datasets in order to better understand the relation between what it is on-going in the rice agro-ecosystem and the behaviour of the remote sensing data. ... Read more
Spanish field activities 2014
The field campaign over the Spanish local study area was carried out from June 17th to September 8th (10 times) covering the 2014 rice season. The campaign was conducted in some selected paddy fields in the municipality of Sueca and El Palmar (South of Valencia). Rice crop information was acquired on 26 Elementary Sampling Units (ESUs) within the fields... Read more