MODIStsp 'R' package

MODIStsp is a new “R” package allowing to automatize the creation of time series of rasters derived from MODIS Land Products data which allows performing several preprocessing steps on MODIS data available within a given time period.  It was developed by Lorenzo Busetto and Luigi Ranghetti of CNR-IREA within the ERMES FP7 project, and the Space4Agri research projects.

The package was released under GNU GPL-3 license, and is available for download and testing on GitHuib at the address

In short, MODIStsp allows performing several preprocessing steps (e.g. download, mosaicing, reprojection and resize) on MODIS products on a selected time period and area. All processing parameters can be set with a user-friendly GUI, allowing users to select which  layers of the original MODIS HDF files have to be processed and which Quality Indicators have to be extracted from the aggregated MODIS Quality Assurance layers. Moreover, the tool allows on-the-fly computation of time series of Spectral Indexes (either standard or custom-specified by the user through the GUI) from surface reflectance bands.

Outputs are saved as single-band rasters corresponding to each available acquisition date and output layer. Virtual files allowing easy access to the entire time series as a single file using common image processing/GIS software or “R” scripts can be also created. Further details on MODIStsp can be found in the GitHub page and in the packages’ vignette.

The main GUI of the MODIStsp package

The main GUI of the MODIStsp package