First ERMES annual meeting – 26/27th March 2015

The First ERMES annual meeting took place on the 26-27th of March 2015 on the premises of University of Valencia (Spain). The meeting was spread on two days. The first day was attended by more than 50 people including the Project Coordinator, representatives of Project Partners and potential End-Users. The second day was attended by representatives of the different Project Partners.

The 1st day meeting was aimed to provide to current and potential end-users a general overview of the Project and of the achievements obtained during the first year of activities, by presenting example of ERMES products prototypes and tools developed during 2014. During this day the second ERMES User Board meeting was also held, with the purpose of collecting desiderata and feedbacks from the end-users regarding the foreseen ERMES products and tools.

The 26th March agenda was organized in 6 sessions:

Session 1: Registration and welcome

Session 2: Opening session: crop modelling and remote sensing for agro-monitoring

This session was aimed at providing ERMES current and potential and users and general public a short divulgative introduction to the concepts of Remote Sensing and Crop Modeling and their possible usefulness for agro-monitoring and farm management.

The presentations held in this session can be found below:

Session 3: The ERMES Project and its services

This session was aimed at describing the project objectives and preliminary results to present and potential ERMES end-users and general public.

The presentations held in this session can be found below:

Session 4: ERMES instruments for data acquisition, access and analysis

This session was aimed at describing tools developed in the framework of ERMES to provide useful information to end-users and facilitate their tasks for farm management and/or field inspections activities. Here you can find the session’s presentations:

Session 5: ERMES End users and their expectations

This session was dedicated to presentations from the current ERMES end-users on their expectations from ERMES and on discussing the products presented in the morning.

Presentations on the respective expectations, held by the following ERMES users, can be found below:

Session 6: User Board Meeting

This session was dedicated to an open discussion between ERMES partners and end-users regarding present and future activities of the project.


The 2nd day meeting was restricted to the Project’s partners. It was mainly dedicated to provide an update on the status of the different WPs and to discuss and plan the activities related to the second year of the project.