Events - 04/04/2017

ERMES Final Meeting

The ERMES final meeting was held in Milano on 04/04/2017. In this occasion, the ERMES consortium illustrated the main results and achievement of the project to European Commission’s public officer and external reviewers.

dsc_0020The presentations held during the meeting can be found here:

The presentations were very appreciated by the reviewers, who highlighted the good job of the ERMES consortium in developing innovative and operational services for agricultural applications.

With the Final Meeting, activities of the project came to a close. The experience of the ERMES project in developing value-added services for agriculture will, however, not be wasted. In fact, several stakeholders already manifested interest in providing funding to maintain and further improve some of the services’ main functionalities, in particular for what concerns biotic risks simulation and alerting (on the regional side), and NRT mapping of intra-field variability (on the local side).