CNR-IMAA (Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis)


CNR-IMAA Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis

CNR-IMAA (Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis) research activity has been devoted to the development and the integration of satellite, airborne and ground-based “Earth Observation Technologies” with the aim of studying environmental and geophysical processes. This multidisciplinary approach has permitted the study of geophysical and environmental processes in an innovative way by following the GMES/COPERNICUS program guidelines, and finding itself in a good position within the GEOSS strategy.

Responsibilities and Activities within ERMES

CNR- IMAA will lead the activities related to validation/production of meteorological variables from in situ and MSG satellite data . CNR-IMAA will contribute to HR optical data (Sentinel 2) processing for local Italian case study for identifying rice cultivated areas and field spatial variability in relation to soil and weather plant interaction.