CNR-IREA (Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of Environment)


CNR-IREA, Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment

CNR- IREA is a scientific and technological research institute belonging to the largest Italian research institution, The National Research Council (CNR); it is affiliated to the Department of Engineering – ICT and Technology for Energy and Transport (DIITET) and participates in the activities of the Department of Earth System Science and Technology for the Environment of CNR. IREA is also involved in projects of public communication of science and carries out activities of science education.

Institute activities meet the needs of the country’s scientific and technological development in the field of remote sensing and electromagnetic monitoring of environment through the study of methodologies and technologies for acquisition, processing, fusion and interpretation of data derived from electromagnetic sensors on satellites, aircraft and in situ, and the dissemination of information useful for territorial management, supervision, security and risk assessment, including the electromagnetic one. In addition, methodologies and technologies are developed for the construction of infrastructure for geo-spatial data and biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields.

To this end, IREA uses multidisciplinary expertise, such as telecommunications engineering, computer science, physics, geology, biology, environmental science.

In coherence with the Institute “mission”, research activities are focused on five main themes:

Responsibilities and Activities within ERMES

CNR-IREA will coordinate and manage the project (Project Coordinator: Mirco Boschetti, phD) by leading WP 1 and 2, and will contribute to the WPs activities for EO data exploitation and assimilation in crop model (WP5 and 6). Moreover CNR-IREA will lead the WP9 (Service application and demonstration).