DEMETER (Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Cereal Institute)


The Cereal Institute of DEMETER is the main Greek foundation specialized on cereal research. It owns experimental farms in various locations in Greece in order to study the effect on different national environments on experimental cultivation. Other ongoing activities concern improvement of the culture practice and analysis of quality and technology of cereal products.

Responsibilities and Activities within ERMES

DEMETER is an ERMES-user involved as project’s partner, too. DEMETER will lead the WP 3 “Users requirement and evaluation of the services” and will contribute to “ERMES data archives”, providing existing regional and local ground data. Furthermore, it will provide data for model calibration , will contribute to service tests (WP 9) and user validation in relation to market exploitation of the service. Leading WP11, dedicated to “Dissemination, exploitation and promotion networking”, DEMETER will exploit its long established network in agronomic and technological transfer in rice research and its previous involvement in other EU projects. Finally, DEMETER will coordinate Greek End-Users participation and will define additional local areas to be studied.