Sarmap is a Swiss company founded in January 1998 active since its establishment in the development of algorithms and operational applications for the generation of remote sensing products based on space borne and airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar and optical data. It offers courses and workshops at all levels (technical, institutional and decision makers) to extend the understanding of the utilization of remote sensing data, products and services, demonstrate the economical benefits and the technical advantages of this technology. In the past 15 years, Sarmap has been involved in around 80 projects: approximately 2/3 on algorithm/product/service developments at the European Space Agency. The remaining 1/3 focused on the developments of innovative operational remote sensing based products/services for the International Rice Research Institute, World Bank, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, EC Joint Research Centre, Brazilian Institute for Space Research, Swiss and German Development Cooperation, Swiss Innovation Promotion, and private sector.

Responsibilities and Activities within ERMES

Sarmap is Leader of WP 10 in relation to the definition of Market analysis and business model development. SARMAP will coordinate the activity related to the development of SAR data processing chain. It will also participate to the other WPs activities to produce EO-product from SAR data to perform test in the selected case studies. SARMAP will promote the service to African and Asian potential user.