UJI (Jaume I University of Castellon)


Universitat Jaume I De Castellon (UJI). Geospatial technologies research group (GEOTEC)

Geotec is part of the Institute of New Imaging Technologies (INIT), a research centre of the University Jaume I of Castellón (UJI). INIT offers advanced services in 3D interactive visualization, geospatial Information processing and virtual reality among other disciplines. Geotec research focuses on integrated intelligent systems and spatial data infrastructures where main lines are: distributed processing, web services, automatic metadata generation, retrieval of crowd-sourced information, sensor data integration and visualization and smart mobile applications.

Responsibilities and Activities within ERMES

Geotec is the leader of WP7 dedicated to ICT activities to design the ERMES Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), create the Geoportal and a smart application to foster user participation. UJI participates in the definition of services requirement and coordinates their design. the Centre contributes to technological and scientific validation of services, user evaluation and satisfaction assessment and definition of technological sustainability of the service (WP10).