Regional Rice Service (RRS)

The ERMES Regional Rice Service will provide to regional authorities (e.g public authorities, farmers consortia) a customized agro-monitoring system devoted to monitoring of crop status, analysis of regional yield estimates and alerting on potential biotic and abiotic risks. The service will distribute digital maps and risk alerts derived from remote sensing data and crop modeling solution via web through the use of dedicated sections within the Ermes geo-portal.

The information provided is meant to be used by regional authorities’ experts to support the production of digital bulletins relative to rice crop status (referring also to potential biotic and abiotic risks) development and yield for the current season. In particular, the Regional service will allow regional operators to receive, visualize and analyze information related to the various ERMES regional-scale products for their Area of Interest.

A summary of the main ERMES products that will be available is shown below: