Resultados y Aportaciones

El Proyecto ERMES investiga tres áreas tecnológicas: Observación de la Tierra (EO), modelado de cosecha y tecnologías de la información. Esta sección describirá los resultados y logros locales y regionales obtenidos gradualmente en el proyecto ERMES.

(English) 2016 – Sentinel-1A data for Land Cover mapping of Gambia
(English) A series of SAR Intensity and Coherence data, generated from Sentinel-1A images (acquisition period: January - September 2016), has been used to map the agricultural land all over Gambia. ... Read more
(English) 2016 – ERMES publications
(English) In 2016, ERMES activities were addressed in the last months in different scientific publications, oral presentations and posters. Here you can find a summary of the most significant contributions: ... Read more
2015 – Multitemporal LAI maps
ERMES LAI (Leaf Area Index) products are providing during 2015 season near real time information related to the status of rice fields, derived from multitemporal satellite images. Leaf area index (LAI) is a dimensionless quantity that characterizes plant canopies. It is defined as the one-sided green leaf area per unit ground surface area (LAI = leaf area / ground area, m2 / m2) in broadleaf canopies. ... Read more
2015 – ERMES Local modelling solution: Crop model simulation at parcel level. Focus on Greece
During 2015 UMIL worked to provide to end-users information suitable for monitoring the rice growing season at local scale (e.g., DVS course, Leaf Area Index trend, potential blast infections and final yield estimation). This was achieved by using daily outputs of ERMES WARM local modelling solution... Read more
2015 – ERMES WARM model vs “RICEGUARD 2015” predictions. Focus on Greece
The 2015 year was the first year where both the European FP7 projects, ERMES and RICEGUARD, have been deployed in parallel in the study area of Kalochori (Thesaloniki, Greece)... Read more
2015 – Geoportal and Smart-App prototypes v1
Updated versions of ERMES Geoportal and smart App have been produced during 2015. ... Read more
2015 – Near Real Time monitoring of rice season
During 2015, ERMES partners worked provide to end-users information suitable for monitoring the rice crop growing season. This was achieved by creating periodic maps of several parameters which influence rice growth (e.g., meteo data, risk for rice blast infection), and of other parameters directly related to crop biomass (e.g., Leaf Area Index maps). ... Read more
2015 – Rice Crop Mapping
Rice maps provide information on the extent of the area covered by rice crop cultivations during the on-going season (“early rice area map”, mid-July) and at the end of the season (“end of season rice area map”, mid-October). Rice maps for the 2015 crop season were produced by SARMAP by Sarmap in collaboration with IREA-CNR, exploiting an integration between multitemporal Sentinel 2 SAR data and LANDSAT 8 OLI oprical data. ... Read more
2015 – Seasonal pattern maps
The overall purpose of the seasonal variability maps (EP_L3) is to delineate homogenous areas due to seasonal drivers, such as meteorological and agronomic parameters, using multitemporal image data during critical dates of the cultivation season. ... Read more
2015 – Validation of ERMES products and tools
The ERMES products, at regional and local level, as well as the tools (i.e. the Geoportal and the smart App) are subject to a periodic evaluation of their quality. In the scientific framework, this quality evaluation of maps and software, is performed by the so-called validation activities .... Read more