(English) 2016 – Detection of diseases in paddy rice fields with Sentinel-2


The Valencian Plant Health Service ( reported to ERMES some fields which were affected by Akiochi disease in 2016 rice season. In order to identify and evaluate the infection within the affected fields, UVEG analyzed the spectral signature of Sentinel-2 images and the leaf area index (LAI) time series. The effect of Akiochi was detected in some fields due anomalies in the LAI estimates which were not expected for the same rice variety in a nearby field.

This demonstrates that the processing of Sentinel-2 data provides a good source of information for disease detection at field scale. Further work will be conducted jointly by ERMES partners in this issue. The figure below shows the LAI evolution of a field not affected by Akiochi (blue) and the LAI evolution (red) of a nearby affected field.


Temporal LAI evolution of 2 rice fields: (blue) healthy field and (red) affected by Akiochi field