2014 – Geoportal and Smart-App prototypes v0

The first release of the prototype applications for the Regional Service and the Smart-App developed by UJI were presented during the 1st annual project meeting that took place in March 2015 (Valencia). The regional Geo-portal focuses on visualizing and analysing relevant data products (e.g., meteo data, phenology, vegetation index) for wider area, and targets e.g. local governments, regulatory agencies or agribusiness companies, while the smart app allows farmers and field workers to collect in-situ data.

Besides other results and achievements developed in the context of the ERMES project such as a set of data products and modelling solutions, the development of web and mobile applications allows stakeholders to collect in-situ data, and easily access and explore data products for agriculture monitoring and decision making processes, which is vital for the success of the project .

The prototype application for the regional Geoportal is available at this link and offers a small set of features, and essentially lets users explore and compare data products. For instance, user can visualize ERMES data products, inspect the temporal profile of data products, or compare two data products using a moveable vertical bar.


Screenshot of the ERMES Geoportal prototype

The prototype for the ERMES Smart-App is available at this link and is aimed to collect in-situ data. Local farmers can, for example, use it to report different types of observations. These include specific information (e.g., crop information, pesticides used, sewing practices) about their own parcels and free form information using free text accompanied with an in-situ taken illustrative picture. The smart app benefits from a minimal, user-friendly interface, which makes reporting field observations by non-technical end users feasible.


Screenshot of the ERMES Smart-App prototype


Next releases of the Geo-portal and smart app will further extend the set of offered functionalities, and continue to strive for user friendliness.