News - 25/10/2016

(English) ERMES services at work: monitoring the 2016 rice season


After the 2014/2015 design and preliminary implementation phase, the different functionalities of the ERMES services were further operationalized and tested during the 2016 European rice growing season exploiting the full suite of ERMES products and services.

This allowed to consistently monitor the European Rice growing season at different scales: from regional (e.g., rice districts) to local (e.g., farms and single rice parcels). ERMES services thus provided a huge amount of information to end-users and  stakeholders, which could be visualized through the ERMES geoportals. The information provided allowed to better monitor rice growth, and was used for advanced applications, such as the production of regular rice blast risk bulletins and the implementation of Variable Rate Technology fertilizations. Highlights on some of the more interesting products/applications realized will be provided in the “Results and Achievements” section of the ERMES Website.