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ERMES Greek Open Day photo gallery
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ERMES Open Day Photo gallery
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ERMES Open Day with local end users
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ERMES at Ente Nazionale Risi Open Day
On the 10th September 2015, ERMES project has been presented during the Ente Nazionale Risi Open Day ( Lomellina, Pavia).
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Alberto Crema from IREA-CNR presented ERMES project during ” Fiera in campo 2016″ exhibition that was be held in Vercelli on February the 26th.
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ERMES at Verona International Agricultural Technologies Show
IREA-CNR in partnership with the Italian magazine named L’Informatore Agrario, organized a conference titled “Agronomic management more efficient with precision farming: practical examples in Italy”. The conference was held in Verona at the 112th FierAgricola, International Agricultural Technologies Show, on the 4th of Febraury 2016. IREA ERMES researchers could also present the poster titled " Il telerilevamento a supporto della precision farming" - that won the ASITA Conference 2015 poster session- thanks to the hospitality in Spektra Agri exhibition area. You can find the related pictures in this gallery.  
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ERMES meeting with the Spanish users
ERMES meeting with Spanish farmers was held in Valencia on the 29th of April 2016. It involved three groups of users (more than 25 farmers) who discussed and tested the project's products.
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ERMES Partners Project Meeting
ERMES partners project meeting was held on the 21-22 September 2015 in Milan (Italy).
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ERMES periodic review meeting
ERMES periodic review meeting with REA and external reviewer was held on the 23rd September 2015 in Milan (Italy).
ERMES presented to Kanakas Bros Ltd
On the 1st of June 2015 ERMES consortium presented the project's products, service and 2014 data to Kanakas Bros Ltd (Greek Regional Actor)