ERMES periodic review meeting

ERMES periodic review meeting with REA and external reviewer was held on 23rd of September 2015 in Milan (Italy) at the premises of CNR-IREA.

The meeting was dedicated to the presentation of technical and management activities conducted in the first 18 months of the ERMES project. It was attended by representatives of all partners, by the projects’ Project Officer  and the external reviewer.

After a brief introduction to the main project objectives and structure, the activities conducted within the different ERMES Work Packages (WPs) were reported and discussed between the partners, the project officer and the external reviewer who evaluated them positively.

The WP presentations held during the meeting are below reported:

WP1&2: Administrative, Legal and Financial Management & Scientific and technical coordination

WP3: Users’ requirements and services’ evaluation

WP4: Service design

WP5: Geo-product from space-borne and in-situ data processing and integration

WP6: Geo-information from crop modleing and EO product assimilation

WP7: Geo-services for information management: Integration and Communication

WP8: Scientific and technical validation of product and services

WP9: Service demonstration

WP10: Market analysis and business model development

WP11: Dissemination and promotion