2015 – ERMES Local modelling solution: Crop model simulation at parcel level. Focus on Greece

During 2015 UMIL worked to provide to end-users information suitable for monitoring the rice growing season at local scale (e.g., DVS course, Leaf Area Index trend, potential blast infections and final yield estimation). This was achieved by using daily outputs of ERMES WARM local modelling solution.

The examples of outputs were made available through the ERMES local Geoportal, which allows to visualize both the products related to different dates, and to compare the temporal trend of the variables for the current year to the last ones.

Here a focus on the Greek study area:


Examples of comparison between measured and simulated development stage code and biomass growth at parcel level for different varieties in Greece for the year 2015 (click to enlarge).


Examples of comparison between measured and estimated yield in Greece (click to enlarge)