WP3 - 01/08/2014
Deliverable 3.1 – User requirements and local case study definition
Authors: Katsantonis D. (DEMETER)
Task 3.1: User requirements and case study definition. This report outlines the work carried out as part of the EU-funded project called ERMES regarding the analysis of end-users requirements.
WP11 - 01/08/2014
Deliverable 11.5 – Project Website
Authors: L’Astorina A. (CNR-IREA), Tomasoni I. (CNR-IREA)
Task 11.1: Dissemination of ERMES results. The ERMES website is one of the most important project’s dissemination tools; it aims at facilitating the spread of the project’s issues, developments and results to different public and private stakeholders, users groups and researchers. This document provides a summary of the graphic design of the FP7 ERMES project website, its structure and relative sections.
WP11 - 01/07/2014
Deliverable 11.6 – Project Brochure and Leaflet v0
Authors: L’Astorina A. (CNR-IREA), Tomasoni I. (CNR-IREA)
Task 11.1 Dissemination of ERMES results. This document contains the description of the ERMES project brochure. The graphic background of the project is related to the agricultural sector and the Earth Observation sector.
WP1 - 01/07/2014
Deliverable 1.3 – Electronic repository
Authors: Busetto L. (CNR-IREA), Lella S.(CNR-IREA), Boschetti M. (CNR-IREA)

Task 1.2 : Project Control. This document describes the main structure and functionality of the ERMES SubVersion repository. The repository has been created on premises of the Project Coordinator (CNR-IREA) with the aim of collecting all official ERMES-related documents and software and allowing all members of the Consortium to access and share them.

WP1 - 01/07/2014
Deliverable 1.4 – Quality Assurance & Risk Management Plan v.0
Authors: Rampini A. (CNR-IREA), Busetto L. (CNR-IREA)
Task: 1.3 Quality Assurance and risk management. The Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan detailed in the present document sets out the quality assessment and risk management procedures for the project, aimed at assuring that the quality requirements are met appropriately and that the measures taken for protecting the smooth progression of the project ensure that internal and external project risks are effectively implemented.
WP11 - 25/06/2014
Deliverable 11.1 – Dissemination Plan
Authors: L’Astorina A. (CNR-IREA), Tomasoni I. (CNR-IREA)
Task 11.1 Dissemination of Ermes results. This document is setting out the plan for using and disseminating the knowledge in the context of the ERMES project, through various means including the project’s website, the distribution of dissemination material, the publications in journals and the participation in conferences and other relevant events.
WP11 - 04/06/2014
Deliverable 11.4 – Project Image and Logo
Authors: L’Astorina A. (CNR-IREA), Tomasoni I. (CNR-IREA)
Task 11.1 Dissemination of ERMES results. This document contains the description of the ERMES project image and logo. The work had the objective of creating a meaningful graphic identity in order to allow the higher impact promotion of the project’s message and to create a lasting impression, thus contributing towards an effective communication of the project’s main concepts.
WP1 - 01/06/2014
Deliverable 1.1 – Project Management plan v.1
Authors: Rampini A. (CNR-IREA), Busetto L.(CNR-IREA), Recchia E. (CNR-IREA)
Task: 1.1 Project Management. This “Project Management Plan” defines and identifies the organization and the applicable procedures that will be followed to meet the ERMES project objectives, in accordance with the ERMES Grant Agreement and Contractual Agreement.
WP1 - 01/06/2014
Deliverable 1.6 – Kick off meeting minutes
Authors: Busetto L. (CNR-IREA), Boschetti M. (CNR-IREA)
Task 1.4 Kick Off and Review Meetings. This Deliverable contains the minutes of the Kick-off meeting of the ERMES (An Earth obseRvation Model based RicE information Service) project. The meeting was hosted on 12th and 13th of March 2014 on the premises of IREA-CNR in Milano.
WP11 - 05/05/2014
Deliverable 11.14 – Gender Action Plan v.0
Authors: Pepe M.(CNR - IREA), Katsantonis D. (DEMETER)
Task 11.4: Gender issues actions. This document is aimed at define promoting and monitoring activities, within the framework and the duration of the ERMES project, as related to equality between women and men.